Tuesday, May 18, 2010

counter, original, spare, strange...

The new issue of Dappled Things is out!

Daniel Mitsui's mediaeval-esque drawings are particularly noteworthy for their astounding detail -- and, in the case of my favorite image from this issue -- gentle humor. I love the bizarre apocryphal stories that spring up around Irish monastic saints and Mitsui has captured that ease with oddities of nature that seem so intrinsic to Celtic spirituality.

Speaking of oddities of nature:

'The Screwtape Letters' was the most astounding and rewarding theatrical experience I have had in many a moon (for the misbegotten.) I was so filled with girlish enthusiasm for the production that I asked the DT editor if I could review it and secure an interview with the lead actor/producer Max McLean. He said I could.

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