Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Power. The Passion. The Corner.

This has nothing whatever to do with design, but it amuses me and... well, who the heck’s blog is this anyway??

It all began when I was listening to RadioDerb over at NRO and it suddenly struck me that John Derbyshire and John Cleese are basically the same person. (I am entertaining dark suspicions about witness protection programs and time travel…)

This naturally led to my musing about the leading roles in ‘NRO: The Movie’ (tagline: The Power. The Passion. The Corner.) Here is our all-star cast:

John Derbyshire ... John Cleese
William F. Buckley ... Christopher Walken
Rich Lowry ... Steve Carell
KLo ... JLo
Ramesh Ponnuru ... M. Night Shaymalan
(He could also pinch-hit as director, introducing a surprise ending in which it is revealed that Christopher 'Damn Fool' Buckley has, indeed, been possessed by pod people. Not much of a surprise, really...)
Jonah Goldberg ... Philip Seymour Hoffman
(But, in Seymour Hoffman's cute ‘State & Main’ days, not in his ‘gotta-prove-I’m-a-credible-indie-actor-so-I’ll-be-in-rubbish-like-‘The-Savages’ days.)
Victor Davis Hanson ... I have never felt the death of Millard Mitchell more keenly than at this moment…

The Brilliant and Sexy Mark Steyn shall, of course, play himself.

Please feel free to add your own on-the-nose casting to this inspired and definitive list.

(As a nod to the design-orientation of this blog I will note that the cover of John Derbyshire's book is both hilarious and depressing.)

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